• Relaxing Massagee: It increses your wellness status, releasing physical and mental tension.

  • Decontracting massag: It release muscular tension, while reducing pain and contractures
  • Lymphodraining massag: It favors lymphatic circulation and general drainag
  • Ice massage: It reduces pain and swelling caused by cellulite and water retention, while offering a sense of lightness and relie
  • Rosemary massage: Thanks to the painkilling properties typical of rosemary, this massage contrasts rheumatic pain, water retention and cellulite
  • Dry-brushing e oli essenziali: It simulates both lymphatic and micro circulation. Furthermore, it oxygenates the whole body while regenerating the skin.
  • Fruits Massage: A real panacea for the skin: It smoothes and regerates your whole body.


  • Cranial and cervical massage: Thanks to the art of combining massages abd our essential oils, this ritual is perfect for reaching a deep psychophysical wellness

    30 minutes € 45,00

  • Foot Ritual: A specific tratements for feet rellef, which is perfect for a pleasurable and regenerating feeling


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