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Outdoor Portofino is a company promoting sport, active tourism and environmental education activities related to the Marine Protected Area and Park of Portofino and Cinque Terre and other natural and cultural heritage areasof Liguria.The project is driven by a sustainability perspective, with special attention to the enhancement of the traditional activities, of the local cultures, of eco-tourism and the fruition of socially sensitive categories.

Il Promontorio di Portofino

"Camogli - Punta Chiappa"

After a quick visit to Camogli, a fishing village, you walk up an ancient “creuza de ma” to reach the Sanctuary of San Rocco, a small village overlooking the sea and an access point to the Park of Portofino. 
From there, an easy path followed by a steep step take you to Punta Chiappa, a strip of rock protruding towars the sea, surrounded by steep cliffs of sedimentary rocks. Along the route, it is possible to visit the medieval church of San Nicolò, admire Camogli’s Almadraba, an ancient net for tuna fishing, and visit the Museum of Fishing. 


Tour Duration: 2,5 hours
Difference in level: 250 mt uphill, 250 mt downhill
Difficulty: medium-low

"Guided Hikes"

During Summer, the Parco di Portofino has a wide offer of guided tours to discover how rich and diversified are the natural landscapes of the area. 
The guides are supplied by the Parco.

Recommended equipment: comfortable clothing and hiking boots.

The Promontory of Portofino boasts world famous sceneries and landscapes.

A protected area since 1935, the Parco di Portofino has one of the most varied floral environment of the Mediterranean, a wide range of birds and invertebrates, and notable historic and architectural treasures. 

The ideal way to discover the beauties of the Park, to breath into the rich and mixed environment, is to walk, ideally with a local guide, across over 80 km of trails that allow for excursions of various lenght and difficulty. 

San Fruttuoso di camogli
La Valle dei Mulini - Portofino

"Mills' Valley"

Once you cross the small marina of Santa Margherita, you walk along terraced crop fields and colourful villas and reach a town called Nozarego, once a favourite destination for pilgrims visiting the Sanctuary of the Holy Mary. From here, you cross chestnut groves and cultivations along an easy trail and reach the “Mulino del Gassetta”, an ancient mill with its original millstones, that has been recently refurbished and transformed in a refresment point inside Portofino Park, where you can taste typical, local products. 

After lunch, it is possible to walk back down and reach Paraggi Bay going across the Mills’ Valley, a steep path that crosses one of the park’s areas where 35 mills originally ground olives, chestnut and cereals for the surrounding areas. 

Tour duration: 3,5 hours
Difference in level: 250 mt. uphill, 250 mt downhill
Difficulty: medium-low 

"Genoa: Europe's largest historic town center"

Genoa’s medieval town center boasts more than 20 km of narrow alleys unravelling between the sea and the fortified hills.

The tour begins in the Porto Antico (ancient harbour) area, where the Acquarium and the Museum of the Sea are; we take a stroll in the “carruggi”, move along the town walls and reach the landmarks with the most historic and artistic relevance: San Lorenzo’s Dome, the Palazzo Ducale, the area around Carlo Felice theatre, Columbus’ house and the elegant area around Via Garibaldi… a journey through the history of one of the main Marine Republics.  

Tour duration: 3 ore
Difficulty: low

Santa Margherita Ligure

"Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure"

The Gulf of Tigullio’s history dates back to prehistoric times. The historical town centers of Santa Margherita and Rapallo still retain their heritage and charm, and they are loved nowadays as they were in the past by people such as Napoleon. They are silent witnesses of the artistic and religious character of this area of the ligurian Riviera: castles built in the XVI century, painted facades, fishing boats, a riddle of narrow alleys, the mansions of rich families, the Sanctuaries devoted to the Holy Mary… 

The visit is crowned by a stop by a Winery located in one of Rapallo’s alleys, in order to eat pesto, focaccia and anchovies accompanied by flavourful local wines. 

Tour duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: low


Webcam su Santa Margherita Ligure e Portofino.
Una Finestra sulla Liguria in tempo reale.

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